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  • All 'core' business functions are covered

Our core package will focus on four main areas -  Purchases, Sales, Bank Reconciliation and Payroll; being the key core functions which form the foundation for all businesses accounting needs. This has the advantage that only one package containing all your business requirements would be required.  There are no additional hidden costs for extra software

  • Individually developed sector packs

We recognise that businesses work in different sectors and we will provide "sector packs" which will lay over the core functions and are focused on all the functions required within your specific business sector.  This would mean no additional customisation costs

  • Approved by Accountants

Our unique package has been tested and accepted by Accountants.  Their testimony  confirms that our professional, quality software package will give you the results that it claims it will.

  • Easy to use

The system has been designed to reduce the volume and complexity of data entry and therefore reduces the chance of data entry mistakes occurring.  This will ensure that you are creating more accurate accounting records for your business  

  • Web Based hosted system

The software is developed and maintained on our servers. You will not have to experience the potential nightmares of installing any software.  This will bring you time savings both on initial access and ongoing upgrades.

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