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  • Availability 24/7

You can access your business accounts any day at any time.  This will enable you to operate flexible business working hours to suit your needs

  • Pro-active Customer support

We will contact you each month to ensure that any concerns you may have are realised before they actually cause you a problem.  This will mean that you will not incur any costly business downtime

  • Unrivalled levels of Customer support

You, our customers, are of paramount importance to us.  We have a reputation of being friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and flexible when it comes to achieving quality support.  We will never reach a situation that you are left to deal with a problem on your own, as we are always here to help, and also to assist in the smooth running of your business.

  • Free Sector software upgrades

At periodic intervals, the software will be upgraded, both in terms of functionality and ensuring that you remain at the forefront of technology. This will happen seamlessly causing minimal impact on customer access. This will involve no additional costs to you and will ensure that your business will enjoy the most effective up-to-date business processes

  • I-Spy Protected

Our servers are protected from unauthorised access by using the latest technology with due diligence.  This combined with each customer having their own unique username and password, we will ensure that ultimate security is maintained on your business records at all times. Your business records are safe and protected from unauthorised intruders ensuring that they remain confidential to you.

  • System back-up by I-Spy

All your accounting records will be always backed up by us. This will happen on a real-time basis.  It will be our responsibility and this will transfer the onus from yourself to us.  You will always have peace of mind that your data is safe, secure and backed up. This will eliminate the risk of lost data and the costly business ramifications associated with this problem.

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